Wastewater and Stormwater Monitoring (NPDES/SID Permits)



Permit Application(s) and EPA/ADEM Negotiations

Review of Draft Permit(s)

Engineering Support Services

Site Assessments

Preparation of Spill Prevention, Control

and Countermeasures Plans

Best Management Plans

Sample Collection Training Seminars (Nationwide)

Sample Collection Services

Wastewater/Stormwater Monitoring Services,


- Effluent/influent wastewater parameters. (Common Measurements:

BOD, CBOD, COD, TSS, NH3, TKN, TOC, Oil and Grease)


- Analytical support for wastewater/stormwater. (Common Measurements:

metals, volatiles, semi-volatiles, pesticides)


- Analytical support for sludge and soil. (Common Measurements:

TCLP metals, volatiles, semi-volatiles, pesticides)



Regulatory agencies normally require municipal and industrial effluent dischargers to perform periodic effluent/stormwater monitoring. The number of parameters to be measured, and the frequency at which measurements are made, vary greatly depending on the permittee's industrial classification, type and quantity of waste streams, and the discharge location(s). AECT offers complete monitoring services for all permit requirements, including wastewater, groundwater, stormwater, and soil/sludge characterization.


Auburn Environmental can provide on-site sample collection training services or we can arrange to collect and/or pick-up samples from your facility! We have established "Field Offices" servicing Alabama and most areas of Georgia. Auburn Environmental offers highly qualified field and laboratory professionals who are familiar with sample collection, handling and analysis of a variety of industrial and municipal waste streams. Auburn Environmental also can provide our clients with refrigerated composite water samplers (AC or DC powered).


Auburn Environmental guarantees our clients the most competitive prices and the highest quality laboratory services available in the southeast United States. We offer many environmental services and strive to provide our clients with the best value in wastewater, stormwater and groundwater monitoring services.