Wastewater Treatment Facility Operations and Maintenance



Permit Application(s) and EPA/ADEM Negotiations

Engineering Support Services

Routine O/M Services and Wastewater Monitoring


Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) normally require municipal and industrial wastewater dischargers to perform periodic Operations and Maintenance services on their wastewater treatment plants, package plants and/or lagoon systems. The type of services and testing required vary greatly depending on the permittee's industrial classification, type and quantity of waste streams, and the discharge location(s). AECT offers complete Operations and Maintenance services for all permitted wastewater facilities.


Auburn Environmental provides wastewater treatment and testing services for hundreds of facilities in Alabama! Most of our Operators have a Grade IV certification (highest certification available). In addition to Operations support, we have emergency repair and engineering services available. Please keep in mind:


1. Because of the volume of work we provide in wastewater services, our prices are very competitive. And, we honor price quotes given by other environmental and engineering companies. Therefore, when you choose AECT, you are guaranteed the highest quality services available at the best price available!


2. Our Operators are covered by Workers Compensation Insurance, Liability and Professional Liability Insurance. We strongly encourage you to ask your current Operator, laboratory or engineering company for documentation of insurance.


3. Auburn Environmental works with many "award winning" (Alabama Water Environment Federation) Operators in the State of Alabama. Therefore, if a particular Operator is having Operations problems, AECT can call on the resources of our other Operators.


4. Auburn Environmental has a very good working relationship with the Regulatory Agents (EPA and ADEM). We have the background and expertise in environmental regulations and policy to effectively communicate and work with Alabama Department of Environmental Management.