Underground and Aboveground Storage Tank Services



Member:        Alabama Petroleum Equipment Contractors Association (ALPEC).


Certifications:           ALPEC Employee UST/AST Education and Certification.

  Cathodic Protection Specialist Certification.

  Automatic Tank Gauging and Warranty Service Certification.


Auburn Environmental provides full-service Underground and Aboveground Storage tank services, Including:


                      Installation of New Tanks, Pump/Dispensers, Piping and

                        concrete pads and finishing.

                      Closure Services.  Excavation and In-Place Closures.

                      Upgrade Services (CP installation, spill/overfill


                      Installation of Automatic Tank Gauging and Leak

                        Detection Systems.

                      Statistical Inventory Reconciliation (SIR Services).

                      Routine Cathodic Protection System Testing.

                      Scheduling for Tank, Product Line and/or LLD Testing.

                      Preliminary and Secondary Investigations.

                      Site Remediation Projects.


Auburn Environmental provides comprehensive UST man­agement services.  Our services consist of UST/AST installations, closures, upgrades, facility inspec­tions, cathodic protection testing, site investi­ga­tions and site remedia­tion.


UST Closures, Installations and Upgrades‑ AECT prepares tank removal and specification plans, per­forms excavations, and conducts and docu­ments final tank removal and disposition.  We design and install new UST systems or replace existing UST systems, complete with automatic tank gauging systems (ATG), as well as up­grade UST systems to meet regulatory require­ments.


Site Investigations‑ If site contamination is suspected, AECT can provide Preliminary and Secondary Site Investigations (PI/SI Services) to define the extent of subsurface con­tamination, evaluate current and historical site conditions, and identify potential hydrocarbon receptors (ecologically sensitive areas, potable wells or buried utilities).


Site Remediation‑ If needed, AECT can provide a reme­diation program (de­signed and implemented on a per site basis).  Remediation plans may include vapor extrac­tion, sparging, biorem­ediation and/or air stripping.  AECT personnel and affiliates will manage commu­ni­cations with regula­tory officials to insure compli­ance with applicable regulations.


Most importantly, we GUARANTEE QUALITY and we GUARANTEE COMPETITIVE PRICES!  AECT provides UST services that are of uncompromised quality and are guaranteed to be in compliance with applicable Federal and State regulatory standards (EPA/ADEM).  For tank upgrade services and new installation services, we use top of the line name brand products and the best equipment/parts available.  We also warranty our equipment and labor for a minimum one year period!