Groundwater and Leachate Monitoring for Landfills and RCRA/SARA Corrective Action Sites



Groundwater and Leachate Monitoring Services, including:


Design and construction of groundwater monitoring wells for

RCRA/SARA Sites and Sanitary, industrial and Construction/

Demolition Landfills


Sample collections


Analytical support for landfill groundwater analyses. (Common

Measurements: ADEM Division 13, Appendix I Monitoring)


Analytical support for RCRA/SARA groundwater analyses. (Common

Measurements: TPH, BETX/Naphthalene, Volatiles and Semi-Volatiles)


Statistical analyses for constituent detections (SSI Determinations).


Petition for Variance


Analytical support for sludge and leachate. (Common Measurements:

TCLP metals, volatiles, semi-volatiles, pesticides)


Toxicity testing (bioassays) for landfill leachate


Explosive gas monitoring services




Regulatory agencies normally require RCRA/SARA corrective action and municipal/ industrial landfill permittees to perform periodic groundwater and/or leachate monitoring. The number of wells and type of groundwater and leachate measurements, and the frequency at which measurements are made, vary greatly depending on the permittee's industrial classification, and the type and quantity of waste/contamination. AECT offers complete monitoring services for all permit requirements, including groundwater monitoring, NPDES effluent and stormwater services, and soil/ sludge/leachate characterization and screening.


Auburn Environmental can provide on-site sample collection training services or we can arrange to collect and/or pick-up samples from your facility! We have established "Field Offices" servicing Alabama and many areas of Georgia. Auburn Environmental offers highly qualified field and laboratory professionals who are familiar with sample collection, handling and analysis of a variety of industrial and municipal wastes.